Best Wind Turbines for Homes to Generate Clean Energy

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Wind turbines for homes are making a name for themselves after over a century of Fossil Fuels dominating the energy industry in the United States. Statistics show that renewable energy production has reached record highs, due in large part to wind and solar energy production. As our technology is advancing, renewable energy systems have become more prominent in the average household, and it’s changing the landscape of our future.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2020 was a turning point for the United States; energy production exceeded consumption (on an annual basis) for the first time since 1957. Clean energy production paired with decreased consumption might not erase the colossal damage we’ve done to Mother Earth, but it will certainly help offset further damage caused by finite energy sources. 

So how are we shifting–as a nation–into clean energy options, and what else is on the market that is promising of a better tomorrow? It is crucial that we have clear comprehension of the problems shaping our world’s energy needs so we can make wiser choices around energy production and consumption.

Wind Farms and Home Wind Turbines

Wind energy takes the cake by a landslide as the fastest-growing renewable energy source in countless countries, and there is no sign of slowing its rapid growth and precedence. Not only is it the most efficient and sustainable form of power generation, but it is also economical and clean. There are no harmful pollutants or atmospheric emissions––like nitrogen oxide or sulfur dioxide––when energy is produced or consumed via wind systems like home wind turbines. Production is less costly when compared to other forms of energy used for consumption.

As a champion of green energy technology, wind turbines have made their way into communities on a more granular scale than traditional wind farms, and rightfully so. While wind turbines can be beneficial to the masses, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Ever heard of turbine syndrome? It can cause health problems and has been reported by those who live close to wind farms. Some disadvantages of wind turbines include interrupted sleep, disturbances (both visual and auditory) nausea, headaches, and illness.  

With that, we are now witnessing a shift from reliance on wind farms to power cities to self-reliance for energy with the help of home wind turbines. Many folks desire to reduce their carbon footprint and raise their energy score, and home wind turbines are definitely a start. Before we dive deeper into diverse types of home turbines, let’s clarify what a home wind turbine is.

What Is a Home Wind Turbine

Wind energy for homeowners is a relatively new concept. Assumedly, home turbine kits are on the rear end of the average Joe’s shopping list, if at all. In recent years, however, more products line the virtual shelves of e-commerce sites that enable individuals to rely less on energy grids and more on sustainable solutions such as home wind turbines. As more businesses take strides towards building energy production sources that pose little to no threat to our precious planet, home wind turbines are becoming increasingly sought-after.

These energy producing systems harness the energy from the wind so it can then be used for consumption. The home windmill generators can power anything from a small electronic device like a phone to an entire unit or small business, depending on their wattage and overall size. 

Typically secured on a rooftop or in a backyard, home turbines are constructed of blades attached to a rotor, a gear box, a braking system, a turbine, and a generator.  Turbines are now even available to operate in small units next to any house or in buildings’ HVAc and mechanical systems, thanks to more recent technology from Alternative Sustainability,  

Why You Might Want to Get a Wind Turbine for Your Home

Aside from eliminating harmful pollutants, owning a home wind turbine offers a clean fuel-source, is sustainable, and leaves production in the hands of the individual (with minimal effort).

Finding the Right Wind Turbine for Your Home

Location, property type, goals and basic needs largely determine what type of energy producing and saving system is best suited for your home. Wind turbines, solar panels, and other diverse renewable energy technologies might not have the specs appropriate for your specific property, but that shouldn’t discourage you from taking matters into your own hands.

An important thing to note: in order to get the maximum rated wattage out of the typical home wind turbine, on average you need approximately 50mph winds. You basically need to be living in a tropical storm in order to generate enough energy to power your home year round. Not to mention, small wind turbines produce dirty energy, which is hard to transform to usable power. So what else is out there?

Looking to explore all home wind turbine options? We’ve crafted a quintessential list of 7 of the best-selling home wind turbines for you to get a better understanding of what is available to you. That being said, it is advised to speak with a consultant who can direct you to the most suitable option to generate clean energy from your home.

7 Best Home Wind Turbines

  1. ECap Rack
ECap Rack alternative sustainability


The ECap Rack by Alternative Sustainability is the most revolutionary form of clean energy available on the market for single family homes. They are the lowest cost clean energy option in America and provide an ROI in 3-5 years.

An ECap Rack is a self-contained turbine rack that creates kilowatts of power with no gas, no steam and no fumes and can be placed on the ground, right next to your house

ECap Racks come in residential and commercial sizes so they can power a house or a building

One ECap Rack 4.2 can produce 1,500 watts net, and takes up 7.5 square feet of floor space, 5’ X 1.5’. It sits outside your home, takes up very little space and is very easy to install. To put that in perspective, Ten 300 watt solar panels (which would equal 3,000 watts) will take up approximately 195 square feet of roof space, almost 20’ X 10’.  

BUT, those 10 solar panels would produce power only 6 hours per day, at best.  That’s only 18 kWh per day, 540 kWh per month (assuming you have sunny days).

ECap Racks are an extremely effective method for clean energy production, producing 1.5 kilowatts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. That breaks down to 36 kilowatt hours per day being produced, and 1060 kilowatt hours a month, in a space a fraction of the size and without major construction to your roof. Being that the average household consumes approximately 29 kilowatt hours per day, Ecap Racks take precedence over solar panels as an energy source, which at best can get around 6 hours of sun daily. While some wind turbines can theoretically generate around 10 kilowatt hours every 24 hours, the wind source is not promised.

So why get an ECap Rack? Well, for one, they have the ability to create kilowatts of power with no gas, steam, or fumes.It can create enough energy to power residential homes and most building operations, and can even power commercial buildings, hotel chains, and  processing plants, among other conglomerates. 


  • A self-contained turbine rack that creates kilowatts of power with no gas, no steam and no fumes. 
  • Produces more energy using less space and at a lower cost than solar power.
  • See ROI in 3-5 years

Price: Speak with a consultant to get accurate pricing

  1. Automaxx Windmill DB-400 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator Kit
Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator kit


This hassle free Automaxx wind turbine can help you offset your energy and utility bills. Not only is the Automaxx Windmill DV 400 compact, but it is also light and silent. It’s adaptable nature makes it perfect to conjugate with other solar panels or wind turbines, or standalone.


  • Suitable for both land and marine
  • Integrated automatic braking system (as well as manual)
  • Compatible with solar/hybrid systems
  • All-weather UV protection coating
  • App compatibility
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Add-ons (Blade Set, Nose Cone, Combo)
  • 6.7 MPH Cut in wind speed


Starting at $380 up to $810 with add ons

  1. Nature Power 400-Watt Marine Grade Wind Turbine Power Generator
Marine-Grade 12V 400 Watt Wind Turbine


This home wind turbine is designed from cast aluminum and marine grade coating, making it suitable for harsh environments and extreme wind speeds. You can use this Wind Turbine Power Generator with an inverter to run smaller devices such as televisions, lights, power tools, and more.


  • 24 Hours of Power generation in your backyard, farm or cottage
  • Simple, affordable and environmentally friendly
  • Industrial strength cast aluminum body safe for wind speeds up to 110mph
  • High quality powder coated for marine protection and durability to be used in the most versatile environments, land or sea!
  • Carbon Fiber Blades ensure low noise, little disturbance and maximum performance
  • Low start-up speed of 7 MPH
  • External MPPT Controller with LCD output power display
  • Produces up to 400-Watt of power in your own backyard
  • Weather resistant construction to withstand harsh weather elements



  1. Ramsond 1,000-Watt Da Vinci Wind Turbine


As a world leader in small wind turbines Rasmond offers products ranging from 500-5000 watts, depending on your specific needs. These custom wind power products are designed from experts in aerodynamics and motor technology, promising quality products that drive results. They accept all forms of payments with the exception of cash, and offer a 1 year warranty for replacement parts. 


  • Patented Aerofoil 5 Blade Design with True symmetrical and twisted blades
  • Aerodynamic design which ensures rotor capture maximum power from the wind (CP>0.35 in low wind) and operates in amazingly low noise and minimal vibration
    • True symmetrical and balanced aerofoil blade ensures perfect generator rotation
    • High ratio of Tip-Section chord to Root-Section chord and Variable chord airfoil blade ensures rotor easy startup and smooth operation with high torque and maximum RPM in lower speed wind conditions
    • Aerodynamic blade designed with over –speed braking system to make sure the generator is well protected in higher wind
    • Reinforced nylon glass –fiber using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for higher strength ,flexibility and reliability
    • CP>0.35 at low wind
  • Smart Blade Aerodynamic Braking and Electromagnetic Speed Limitation
  • The effect of using electromagnetic and aerodynamic braking in combination is maximal energy capture year-round: the feature expands the range of the turbine’s operation speeds, allowing power generation in higher and lower wind speeds missed by older style wind turbines.
  • Minimal vibration and low noise operation



  1. Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator 400W DC 12V


This home windmill is great for families on a budget that don’t consume excessive amounts of energy. It is lightweight, compact, and a cheaper alternative to the Nature Power model that offers similar features.


  • Main parameter -“Model: NE-700M4, max wattage: 720W, Rated Wattage: 700W, rated voltage: dc 24v, rated wind speed: 36. 1 ft/s, starting wind speed: 8. 2 ft/s; safe wind speed: 147. 6 ft/s”
  • Engine net weight is 46. 3 lbs; several blades: 3; wind wheel diameter: 6. 07 ft; blade material: nylon fiber; 3 phase AC PMG generator; Electromagnetic braking method; and auto adjusts wind direction.
  • Performance -3Phase AC PMG with a permanent, low torque magnet generator and a microprocessor with high-power tracking intelligence.
  • Dual-bearing fixed – this makes the fan movement more stable, producing minimum noise and vibration.
  • The wind turbine is covered using a unique process which makes it resistant to corrosion and oxidation under any weather condition



  1. Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine with Wind Boosting Controller 


The Tumo-Int 1000W 3 Blades Wind Turbine model is low noise, low vibration with high efficiency, ideal for residential use. This home wind turbine is safe, reliable, and durable, with the ability to withstand extreme temperature drops and spikes. If used correctly, this investment will provide you with energy for over or up to fifteen years, and you will receive free three years of maintenance with your purchase.


  • High efficiency of wind energy conversion.
  • Performs well in low wind speed weather.
  • Low vibration and low noise during operation.
  • Adjust direction automatically to maximize efficiency
  • The generator adopts a patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with the specially designed stator, efficiently decreasing resistance torque.
  • Mechanical and electromagnetic dual over-speed control are used to avoid damage from strong winds.
  • Wind energy can effectively turn into electricity through precise injection molding blades and optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure of the generator.



  1. GOWE Group 3KW Grid Tie Wind Turbine Generator


While the initial investment is quite sizable for this product, it has the capacity to produce much more energy daily and the ability to power much larger systems. The cost includes a tie wind inverter for the wind power system, which can be used with a connection to grid or power lines. If you are looking to generate substantial amounts of power, this will be your best bet. Seeing as the product is more costly, the warranty period is longer than alternative products, starting at 5 years but with the option to extend up to 25 years.


There are minimal features listed online for this product, however there are some features listed for the inverter:

  • Can be applied to various field, main for solar and wind system
  • Strong IP65 NEMA 4 protection, completed sealed cover suitable for harsh environment
  • Advanced MPPT tracking
  • No isolation transformer H6 full-bridge structure, highest efficiency reach 97% (Europe 96.5%)
  • Over voltage, short circuit, overload, overheat and islanding protection etc. * Different national standards for choice through keypress. 
  • Multi-language LCD display, convenient for users to monitor main parameters from different countries
  • Max MPPT voltage range. * 5 years warranty period can be extended to 25 years.



  1. Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10-12 Air 40 Wind Turbine 12V


The Primus Wind Power is high quality, lightweight, and easy-to-install. It’s blades are designed to operate with minimal noise, and high durability. The manual, along with other tutorials and useful information about assembly and maintenance, come on a USB stick that you can plug into your laptop. Paired with their immediate tech support, the Primus Wind Power option is great if you are looking for a reliable, compact option with customer service you can depend on.


  • An advanced microprocessor technology ensures more exceptional performance, as well as high wind protection with no mechanical braking.
  • Durable blades that are built to operate with minimal noise and optimal wind energy capture in almost all wind speeds.
  • A lightweight design that is simple-to-install, and has an integrated controller used for plug-and-play operation.
  • The wind generator can produce 40 kWh of energy/month and can generate energy in a wide array of wind speeds.
  • Pairs with solar PV for redundant energy production year-round.



How to Get a Wind Turbine for Your Home

With the accessibility of the internet and plethora of informative websites dedicated to renewable energy source education, getting a wind turbine for your home has never been easier. Installing and maintaining small wind electric systems in your home is a smoother process than you might think thanks to exceptional customer service, straightforward manuals, and easy-to-install tech.

If you’re looking to install an ECap Rack or wind turbine in your home or business, speaking with a professional in the space can give you clear direction on pricing and necessities. If you are curious as to what the specs would be and are serious about getting clean energy for your home, book a consultation today.

The best part about investing in these products is that you will be saving money in the long term. But just how much does a home wind turbine cost once you consider all the bells and whistles?

Home Wind Turbine Cost

You could do a quick google search (or refer to the turbine options above) to get a gauge of what it might cost to purchase a turbine for your home. But when all is said and done, the cost of a home wind turbine varies greatly due to the varying landscapes and needs of each establishment or individual. It is important to first discover how much energy you consume monthly and annually, as well as outline what your budget looks like before making a purchase. 

Alternative Sustainability provides an extensive free survey for potential customers to fill out to determine whether they are a good candidate for their devices. If you are deemed eligible for their products, a detailed walk through and inspection follows. 

After inspection, you will receive a clear cost proposal outlining:

  • How many devices you will need
  • How much it will cost to produce
  • How much energy will be produced
  • How much you will save overtime (cost proposal).

Remember this initial investment will typically pay off in 3-5 years. If you are uncertain as to which clean energy option is right for you, book a free consultation with Alternative Sustainability to learn more about what options are out there and what aligns best with your unique goals and needs. Whatever product you ultimately decide on, know that you are contributing to a cleaner planet and your efforts are much appreciated.