We’re excited to announce that we have secured another patent. Our Turbine Slide Frame is now patented.


Reduce your carbon footprint 50% or more with the lowest cost, clean energy in America.

Increase your energy efficiency rating.

Using our patented products, we are reducing Carbon Footprints and raising Energy grades in buildings throughout the New York Metro Area. We guarantee to raise any building’s energy grade so you will not have any LL97 penalties and we can do it with an ROI of 3 – 5 years.


Low Carbon PTACs

Discover a revolution in sustainable climate control with Alternative Sustainability’s Low Carbon PTACs. Engineered to elevate energy efficiency while cutting gas usage by a staggering 80%, these units feature a high-efficiency electric heating element and additional sound and thermal insulation for unparalleled performance. Embracing innovation, our PTACs boast a 2-year full warranty with an extra 4 years on the compressor part. Say goodbye to germs and viruses as built-in UV-C sterilization eradicates up to 99% of them, ensuring a clean environment year-round without noise or steam, offering exceptional quietness.

T7 Exhaust Fans

Introducing the game-changing T7 Exhaust Fans, marking the arrival of the first new building fans in half a century. These innovative fans redefine efficiency by consuming up to 70% less electricity, offering versatile options including Exhaust, Fresh Air, Makeup Air, and Ventilation Fans. Maintenance-free and hassle-free, they eliminate the need for belt replacements, grease on motors, or noisy metal connections, seamlessly installing on existing housing without requiring any roof work or new electrical setup.



Alternative Sustainability is the first and only company in the world that manufacturers Clean Energy producing devices that go INSIDE any building.

They can be installed in or on any type of building, large or small, and produce clean power, thus reducing your dependence on electric company grid power.


Turbine Slide Frame

Introducing the groundbreaking Turbine Slide Frame, a game-changer in energy utilization for buildings. Traditionally, substantial expenses are incurred in managing airflow within buildings—bringing air in and exhausting it out. Now, harness this untapped potential and convert it into limitless energy. Our innovative technology allows you to generate significant power by tapping into existing building mechanical systems.