Energy Producing Devices Like You’ve Never Seen

Lowest cost, clean energy in America

Turbine Slide Frame

Today, buildings spend tens of thousands of dollars bringing air into buildings and exhausting air out of them. 

Now you can capture all this air power to create as much energy as you want.

  • Create large amounts of power using existing building mechanical systems.
  • Will operate inside of any HVAC unit or ductwork.

The T7 Exhaust Turbine

Replace existing exhaust fans on all types of buildings with our energy producing exhaust fans.

The ECap Rack

A self-contained turbine rack that creates kilowatts of power with no gas, no steam and no fumes. 

The ECap Rack can be placed:

  • On top of a building
  • Next to a building
  • Inside the building

The Low Carbon PTAC

Our patent pending Low Carbon PTACs and fan coil units use highly efficient electric heating coils.

Imagine a building that needs NO central heating or cooling systems for apartments. No cooling towers, condenser systems, heat exchangers. No piping at all for heating or cooling. 

  • Reduce gas usage up to 70%
  • Better sound and thermal insulation
  • Twice the warranty of any other unit
  • Built-in UCV sterilization systems
  • Supply heat any time of year, no matter what type of heat in your building
  • No clanking from steam hear
  • Control your heating/cooling by on-board digital, wall thermostat or phone app. 

Let us help you retrofit, design or build the most efficient buildings. 


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