Alternative Sustainability Low Carbon PTACs

Raising Energy Grades, and Reducing Gas use by 80%

Discover a revolution in sustainable climate control with Alternative Sustainability’s Low Carbon PTACs. Engineered to elevate energy efficiency while cutting gas usage by a staggering 80%, these units feature a high-efficiency electric heating element and additional sound and thermal insulation for unparalleled performance. Embracing innovation, our PTACs boast a 2-year full warranty with an extra 4 years on the compressor part. Say goodbye to germs and viruses as built-in UV-C sterilization eradicates up to 99% of them, ensuring a clean environment year-round without noise or steam, offering exceptional quietness. With a focus on energy conservation, our CrossFlow fans use merely 25 to 50 watts, setting new industry standards for efficiency and quiet operation. Unlike conventional heating elements that waste energy and pose safety risks, our ceramic-based PTC heating element self-regulates, enhancing safety and efficiency by powering down at its designated temperature. At Alternative Sustainability, we’re not just revolutionizing climate control—we’re pioneering clean energy solutions for any building, inside or out, through our innovative patented turbines, reducing reliance on traditional grid power.

High-Efficiency Electric Heating Element.

Additional Sound & Thermal Insulation.

2-Year Full Warranty plus 4 Additional Years on Compressor Part.

Built-in UV-C Sterilization kills up to 99% of germs & viruses. Heat any time of year, No Noise, No steam, Exceptionally Quiet.


• Hydronic Heat is produced using gas or oil

• Steam not available all year and only when below 55 degrees

• Steam heat causes ticking knocking and banging

• Steam Systems need additional equipment: Vacuum Pumps & Traps

• Heat Pumps become much less efficient as the outdoor temps drop

• Heat Pumps do not provide very hot air

• Heat Pumps are noisy, with compressor running all the time

• Heat Pumps need additional piping: condensate drain lines

• Though the watts used by the LC Electric heating coil were higher than reverse cycle heating, the LC PTAC produced 136 degrees of heat within 2 minutes.  The heat pump reached its maximum temp of 98 degrees in 13 minutes.

• The low-carbon PTAC can maintain the desired room temperature by running an average of 11 minutes per hour.

• The Heat Pump can maintain desired room temperature by running an average of 18 minutes per hour.

• Running the low-carbon PTAC in heat mode would use 10.8 kWh in a 24-hour period (average use considered).

• Running the heat pump in reverse cycle mode would use 11.4 kWh in a 24-hour period (average use considered).

• With the Low Carbon PTAC also being more efficient in cooling mode, the net result is our Low Carbon PTAC is More Efficient than a Heat Pump.

• The amount of time run is a household average use number for calculations.

Alternative Sustainability Low Carbon PTAC Specifications

Other PTAC Manufacturer Specifications

Specifications taken from other Manufacturer websites


Highlighted boxes are Wattage Numbers. Lower wattage means less energy used.


Highlighted boxes are EER ratings. The higher the number, the more efficient.

Industry Standard PTAC Evaporator Fan

Typical dual shaft evaporator fans:

• Do not provide even air flow.

• Use more energy; on average 250 to 500 watts.

Low Carbon PTAC Evaporator Fan

Much More Energy Efficient

• CrossFlow fans are long, slender fans.

• They are much more energy efficient, using only 25 to 50 watts.

• The smaller motors allow more speed control versatility.

• Low Carbon PTACs are amongst the quietest in the industry

Industry Standard Heating Elements

Conventional Heating Elements

Conventional heating elements and resistive heating elements, continually send a large amount of power through the coil.

Besides wasting a great deal of energy, overheating is a large safety concern for these heating elements.

Low Carbon PTAC Heating Element

Super Efficient Heating Element

Our ceramic-based, PTC heating element reaches 135 to 140 degrees.

This super-efficient heating element is a self-limiting coil that actually powers down once it reaches its predetermined temperature.

Because of this function, our heating elements are not only much safer, but they are much more efficient.



Alternative Sustainability is the first and only company in the world that manufacturers Clean Energy producing devices that go INSIDE any building.

They can be installed in or on any type of building, large or small, and produce clean power, thus reducing your dependence on electric company grid power.