Turbine Slide Frame

Today, buildings spend tens of thousands of dollars bringing air into buildings and exhausting air out of them. 

Introducing the groundbreaking Turbine Slide Frame, a game-changer in energy utilization for buildings. Traditionally, substantial expenses are incurred in managing airflow within buildings—bringing air in and exhausting it out. Now, harness this untapped potential and convert it into limitless energy. Our innovative technology allows you to generate significant power by tapping into existing building mechanical systems. Operable within any HVAC unit or ductwork, this solution revolutionizes energy creation within your building infrastructure. At Alternative Sustainability, we lead the charge in manufacturing clean energy devices tailored for any building, large or small. With our patented turbine, a pioneering marvel described as the first new generator in a century, we empower you to produce clean power internally, significantly reducing reliance on conventional grid electricity.

Now you can capture all this air power to create as much energy as you want.

• Create large amounts of power using existing building mechanical systems.

• Will operate inside of any HVAC unit or ductwork.



Alternative Sustainability is the first and only company in the world that manufacturers Clean Energy producing devices that go INSIDE any building.

They can be installed in or on any type of building, large or small, and produce clean power, thus reducing your dependence on electric company grid power.