The Low Carbon PTAC

Imagine a building that requires NO central heating or cooling systems, NO cooling towers, condenser systems, or heat exchangers, and NO piping for heating or cooling! Alternative Sustainability’s game-changing PTACs are no longer something to be imagined!

Alternative Sustainability’s patent-pending, Low Carbon PTACs and fain coil units use highly effective electric heating coils.

  • Reduce gas usage up to 70%
  • Better sound and thermal insulation
  • Twice the warranty of any other unit
  • Supply heat any time of the year, regardless of the type of heat in your building
  • Built-in UV-C Sterilization System
  • No clanking from steam heat
  • Control your heating/cooling by a digital wall thermostat or phone app

Let us help you retrofit, design or build the most efficient buildings.


Alternative Sustainability-

The exclusive supplier of the Low Carbon PTAC.

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