T7 Exhaust Fans

Now offering the first new building fans in 50 years.

Using up to 70% less electricity!

Available as: 

Exhaust Fans

Fresh Air Fans

Makeup Air Fan

Ventilation Fans

Maintenance Free

No fan belts to replace / No bearings or motors to grease

No metal on metal connections rattling and making noise

Installs on the existing housing / No roof work needed

Uses existing electrical supply / No running new electrical

Adjustable speed controls produce 200 to 4,986 CFM

Exhaust fan housing sound insulated

Available in Custom Vertical or Horizontal Models


T7- Exhaust Fans

Mechanical Rooms, Boiler Rooms

Fresh Air Fans


T7- Makeup Air Fans

10” Fan Motors:      T7–16, T7–26

12” Fan Motors:  T7–22,  T7–32,  T7–36,  T7–42,  T7–46